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Home Humidity Services in Wichita

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers to Maintain Comfort in Your Residence

The best tools to keeping relative humidity at ideal levels in your home year-round are whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers. These systems automatically work with your home’s heating and cooling systems to add or remove moisture from the air. Utilize a humidifier in winter months when air is naturally drier, and a dehumidifier in the summer when air naturally carries more moisture.

What Are the Benefits to Me?

The ideal indoor humidity level is between 30 – 50%. Proper management of indoor humidity levels has several positive effects.

If you implement solutions to keep you home in the right range, you’ll have these benefits:

  • Improve personal comfort
  • Control moisture that can damage your home’s wood, paint, and siding
  • Prevent mildew growth and odors in clothing and belongings
  • Improve indoor air quality by reducing dust mites, mold, and other allergens
  • Reduce pest infestations
  • Improve the energy efficiency of your air conditioner

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